Concept Cars

Our designers’ ideas about the future looks and features of ŠKODA cars take shape in the form of design studies, which show the direction which the ŠKODA design language is taking and visual cues of our future cars.


With the VISION E study, ŠKODA offers a glimpse into the company’s future of individual mobility. The concept car is the first purely electric vehicle in ŠKODA’s history. The emotionally designed five-door SUV coupé also meets the level 3 requirements for autonomous driving.


ŠKODA’s VisionS features three rows of seats, offering a generous amount of room for six passengers. The brand will be showcasing their new show car – the ŠKODA VisionS – at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. The exterior design of the ŠKODA VisionS reflects the brand’s new emotional appeal: All the edges and lines are clear, precise and sharp; crystalline design elements accentuate the exterior. The interplay of light and shadow creates powerful effects on the strikingly chiselled surfaces.


ŠKODA VisionC is a five-door coupé with expressive styling and dynamic elegance. A unique combination of soft, light contours, concave and convex surfaces as well as sharp, precise lines. Expressive, dynamic, emotional and also environmentally friendly.


This study marked a big step in the future of ŠKODA, providing a first sneak peek on the brand’s new design language. The VisionD took typical elements of ŠKODA design and moved them further to the future, adding sharp, clean lines along the way.


With its sharp lines, precisely executed details and finely balanced proportions, this concept car took the crucial themes from the VisionD design study and moved them closer to the production form. It provided first taste of the sixth ŠKODA model line, now known as Rapid.


The green, white and black ŠKODA Fabia R5 Combi will be driving onto the stage on 18-inch alloys. At the front, the powerful bumpers and wide air intake testify to the car’s rallying ambitions. The wide contoured grille is finished in black, just as the wing mirror covers. Flared mudguards and powerful doorsills accentuate the model’s racy appearance. The rear sports a huge spoiler, as well as a giant rear bumper, and the wide exhaust pipe is positioned in the centre. Beneath the surface, the Fabia R5 features an ultramodern 1.6-litre turbo engine, all-wheel-drive, sequential five-speed transmission and McPherson struts.


ŠKODA Yeti Xtreme is a strong compact SUV with rally ambition and first class technology. It features  brakes from the Octavia RS and height-adjustable suspension. Design highlights are colour matt-grey, 17-inch alloys, tinted windows, powerful bumpers, LED headlights, striking fenders, strong sills, and two broad exhaust pipes. In addition, the interior features the appropriate rally equipment.


Developed specifically for the Wörthersee 2013 event, this concept shows off the inherent possibilities of the Rapid and expresses its dynamism and sportiness. It’s distinguished with two-tone (Corrida Red/Steel Grey) paint, wide bodykit and other sporty details.


With its oversized fenders, giant air intake, huge rear wing and massive 18-inch wheels, the Citigo Rally has shown the visitors of 2012 Wörthersee GTI Treffen how a racing version of the brand’s smallest car could look. And it was not just the looks – this concept also had a full race-spec interior.


A playful take on a concept car, the DJ Car was created to serve not only as a transportation, but also a musical instrument. The entire rear body section of the car was modified so that it could open up and slide out, turning the Citigo into a unique mixing desk, used by famous DJ Tiësto.


ŠKODA ATERO is a compact, two-door coupé. The tailgate is aligned with the new angle of the C-pillars and sports a long edge spoiler; the tail lights have also been modified. The rear bumper surrounds the large tailpipes of the exhaust system. A large air vent is integrated into the front bumper. The ŠKODA ATERO’s headlights feature LED technology with red backlights.


The ŠKODA FUNstar stands out with its metallic colours steel-grey and moon-white. The sills, grille surround and the rear spoiler form a striking contrast in reflex-green. One special feature is the LED lights. The ŠKODA FUNstar drives up on 18-inch 'Gemini' alloys from the Octavia RS. The engine is a 1.2 TSI petrol with 90 kW. The transmission features a modern seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Individual elements in the interior are also finished in the colours steel-grey and moon-white. There is a sports steering wheel and the 1400-Watt sound system offers a fantastic music experience.


The design study ŠKODA CitiJet is a dynamically designed city convertible based on the ŠKODA Citigo. The two-seater is the result of the ‘ŠKODA Apprentice Car’ project. It  features a distinctive metallic finish in blue & white and sporty white/blue painted 16-inch alloy wheels, a hand-crafted rear spoiler and a powerful twin exhaust. The sporty interior contains a special 300W sound system with blue LED interior lighting that reacts to music.


Not every concept is bound to stay on the motorshow stand. Green E Line represents the future of car propulsion, with fleet of 10 examples in real-life testing of electric motors and batteries.